Sustainable Clothing

In a world of increasingly cheap, fast-fashion, it is easy to buy clothes without asking essential questions like: Who produced them? Under what conditions were they made? How far did they have to travel to get here? What is the environmental cost of this item of clothing?According to the UN Environment Program, the global fashion industry is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions: that’s more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined! On a smaller scale, it takes over 3,500 litres of water to make a single pair of jeans, and the industry as a whole uses water equivalent to the needs of five million people!

What you’ll learn about sustainable clothing:

Using this great infographic created by The Mountain, you’ll gain a broad overview of the high cost of the clothing industry on our planet, and some of the ways in which these harmful effects can be slowed by a more sustainable approach to fashion.What’s more, if you successfully complete the quiz you’ll earn points towards a SEED, directly helping in the battle against carbon emissions and towards a more sustainable future!

Why we love this infographic!

We here at ForestNation love how this infographic informs us both of the negative consequences of the current clothing industry, but also gives us positive solutions to work towards a more sustainable future!There is hope for our Mother Earth, as long as we start promoting and supporting sustainable business practice!

Quiz gratitude:

Thank you to The Mountain, a clothing company focused on sustainability, for this colorful infographic on sustainable fashion!Thanks to @tutuwords on Unsplash for the quiz cover pic.Special thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz.

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