Why Are Trees So Effective?

We all know that trees are a fundamental and necessary part not only of the natural world, but of natural climate solutions we can use to help stop the effects of man-made climate change. But just why are they so effective?

That’s what this infographic is about: numerous reasons why trees are so effective at what they do! Learn about their importance by reading the infographic, earn points, and gain a SEED to plant a tree yourself!

What you’ll learn about trees and why it matters:

While this infographic talks mostly about the effects that one single tree can have, its worth imagining these effects multiplied a hundred, a thousand, or even several hundred thousand times…that’s what forests and rainforests are like!

Plus, trees are not only great at absorbing carbon dioxide, they do so much more than that, and this infographic shows the importance of looking after our trees and planting more!

Why we love this infographic!

Here at ForestNation, we believe in the importance of planting trees both to take care of the environment and empower local communities.

An infographic like this one, showing how valuable trees are for us all, and can help spread the word about how we all depend on trees far more than most people think!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to the Sustainable Glasgow Project for creating this infographic about the effectiveness of trees.