Why, How and What to Compost

Right now in the world, one third of all food produced is wasted and chemical fertilizers are polluting the environment. Composting is a cheap and natural way to solve both of these problems. 

At home, composting is an easy and natural way to enrich your soil, reduce your waste, improve your environmental impact, and save money! Play this quiz to learn more about composting, earn points towards a SEED, and participate in reforesting the world!

What You’ll Learn about Composting and why it’s Important

You’ll learn about why people compost, how to compost, and about community composting programs. Composting is a wholly natural and environmentally friendly practice that recycles waste and uses it to enrich soil. 

Compost provides an alternative to chemical fertilizers which pollute air, water, and soil causing large-scale environmental damage. At home, composting is simple and cheap! So take a look at this quiz and learn how you can get started!

Why We Love This Infographic

This clever infographic transforms an intimidating topic into an approachable one using pretty graphics and simple explanations. For example, green vs brown composting materials can be a stumbling block for many beginners. 

But this infographic makes it easy to grasp while highlighting the science behind it. We also love how it encourages community composting programs! Take a look at this infographic, answer some questions, and earn points towards a SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to Avant Garden Decor for this approachable and informative infographic!

Cover photo for this quiz was taken from Gardening Know How.

Big thanks to Ross Marotta for creating this quiz.

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