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About Brondell

After 18 years in the industry, we know that caring for ourselves and our surroundings is one and the same. That’s why every product, system, and tool we create provides welcome relief, long-term health benefits, and a more sustainable footprint. Because when your life has fewer contaminants, pollutants, viruses, and anything else that could compromise the moment, you’re open to bigger and better things. And a happier, healthier existence, one day at a time.

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Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Brondell, we’re committed to better health—for people and the planet. From bidets that help reduce and eliminate toilet paper usage, to eco-efficient water filtration and ozone-free air purification, we’re helping you reduce your environmental impact, one (healthier) step at a time. Learn more.

Planting with Brondell

During the month of April, Brondell is including a ForestNation Tree Kit with every order shipped*, so that you can start a seedling and watch it grow. We’ll also plant a tree on your behalf in the Brondell forest, located in Tanzania, East Africa. Brondell is committed to addressing global deforestation, through our actions, our core values, and in our designs—every tree makes a difference to communities at home and around the globe.

*Excluding orders of small parts.

First images from the Brondell trees growing in the nursery in Tanzania.

These trees create jobs for local women who take great care of the trees and get them ready to plant in the November rainy season.

Brondell + 1% for the Planet

We care about sustainability. It’s why we develop products with an eco-minded footprint—and it’s why as a business we knew we could do even more to support our environment. Our membership with 1% for the Planet ensures that we’re doing our part to help future generations thrive. One percent of every transaction—no matter how big or how small—supports carefully selected, fully vetted nonprofits that are giving back to the Earth.

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How We’re Planting

Fruit and forest trees are tended in a nursery until they are ready to plant, and are transferred into the ground during the October-December and March-June planting seasons. Each tree is monitored for 5 years to ensure its maturity, and is protected from fire and flooding by local communities.

Restoring Tanzania

With your help, Brondell is planting trees in partnership with local communities and schools in Tanzania. One of the largest countries in East Africa, Tanzania was once covered in native bush and savannah. Deforestation has turned it into a semi-desert climate, impacting its native animals and people. Thoughtful replanting of these lands can help ensure sustainability for future generations.

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