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Plant a Tree with MSCI

MSCI is excited to bring Forest Nation Tree Kits to our clients and customers! You Plant We Plant – When you plant your tree at home, we plant matching trees in Tanzania. ForestNation will plant more trees in our forest when you register and name your Tree!


About MSCI

MSCI creates innovative products and services that power better investment decisions. We provide institutional investors with critical performance measurement and risk management data and analytics. We strive to bring greater transparency to financial markets, enabling the investment community to make better decisions for a better world. Relentless innovation is in our DNA. Seeing the impact of those innovations on global economies drives us to continue building forward. MSCI 1 We are powered by the belief that ROI also means return on community, sustainability and the future that we all share. Healthy economies stimulate job creation, encourages infrastructure development and generate the returns necessary to improve living standards for everyone, everywhere.

Our social responsibility

READ MSCI’s Commitment to the goal of net-zero carbon emissions before 2040. 

VISIT our Net-Zero Knowledge Hub – a professional investor’s guide to navigating the road to net-zero.

WATCH “Net-Zero Now” – a new documentary by MSCI shows how decarbonizing the global economy will depend on rechanneling capital at a scale needed to transform how the planet produces and consumes energy, and why investors will play a critical role in averting a climate disaster. 

A commitment to corporate responsibility is in our DNA at MSCI. MSCI is committed to corporate responsibility and high standards of business practice by ourselves and our vendors including human rights, labor rights, governance and the environment. MSCI 1 Sustainability of our environment is a top priority. While our environmental impact as a financial services company is relatively small, we have taken actions through our day-to-day operations to implement initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment. We remain committed to continuing to develop, adopt and monitor climate and carbon-related strategies to even further reduce our environmental footprint.

Reforesting Tanzania

We are planting trees in Tanzania, creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming communities and empowering local youth.

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MSCI - 12.06.2024

As a token of our appreciation to the speakers who joined us in London for the MSCI Capital for Climate Action EMEA Conference on June 11, we have planted 1,000 new trees.

1000 Trees