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Your contribution to the One Heart Forest

When you plant trees with The One Heart Movement, your contribution will have an even greater global impact!

Your gift will not only plant trees in the One Heart Forest: Tanzania, it expands our opportunities to create and implement meaningful social and environmental community programs for students throughout the world.

We established the One Heart Forest to honor the 6 million+ lives we’ve lost to our global pandemic. Since then, we’ve expanded our vision to invite you to plant trees in honor of all those you love.  

As we collectively move beyond the challenges of this shared experience, our symbolic forest will deliver real world benefits for all of us, and the generations that follow.  

💚 No amount is too small, so please give what you can – $4 will plant 10 trees! …but you’re always welcome to give more!

When you plant trees globally, it has a positive effect on us locally, contributing life sustaining oxygen while offsetting carbon to help reverse climate change, among other positive outcomes.

Your gift will also be providing sustainable livelihoods, alleviating poverty and hunger, empowering women, promoting gender equality and supporting green school programs.

The earth is our home. Together, we’ll make sure it’s able to sustain us, our loved ones, and all of its inhabitants. 

Children attending the Green Schools Program in Tanzania learn about reforestation and the importance of protecting our environment.

This type of future–forward education helps to ensure a healthier planet for all of us, everywhere 🌲🌳🌲

In honor of climate week, we’re so happy to share this update from the One Heart Forest.

Together, we’re not only having an impact on the health of our planet and all of its inhabitants, we’re also making a positive difference for this beautiful community of people as they work to cultivate our forest with the help of your contributions.

We’re so grateful for your help in getting us closer to our goal of planting 5 million+ trees. With your continued support, we’ll be able to reverse the direction of climate change for the benefit of all life on Earth. 🙌

~ Krista K

Taking care of the seedlings in the nursery. These will be ready to plant in the next planting season 🌱

Reforesting Tanzania

Planting trees anywhere in the world helps our global environment, which has a positive effect on us locally. Were planting trees in Tanzania to help reverse climate change, provide clean air and oxygen, create sustainable livelihoods, alleviate poverty and hunger, empower women, educate local youth, and so much more!

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