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Foundation Repsol distributed Tree Kits at the MotoGP in Spain and planted trees with the Repsol Honda Team at the various circuits. A total of 29,000 trees will be planted trees in Haiti to help reforestation and rebuild communities.

“The Tree Kits enable us to combine the process of Corporate Social Responsibility, to sustain the development of a healthier environment, and raise awareness of its importance.”

Javier Inclán de la Cuesta ~ Director, Foundation Repsol.

Haiti needs your help

Foundation Repsol asked for a donation for each Tree Kit to give to Solidaridad International to address many serious humanitarian issues in Haiti such as rebuilding roads and local communities. Solidaridad International is a Spanish NGO implementing a project in Haiti to improve the social and economic conditions of many Haitian families and to help secure a food source.

Reforesting Haiti

We are planting trees in Tanzania, empowering farmers to become self-sufficient and re-establishing the culture of tree planting in local communities.

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