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Salesforce Engineering is excited to bring ForestNation Tree Kits to our conferences and events. We want to create our events with zero waste in mind and this begins with our giveaways.

salesforce event tree kits

Our CEO, Marc Benioff, has said that “The business of business is improving the state of the world.” We hope that by having zero-waste swag we will continue to improve the world. With two trees planted for every one seed we purchase, we are excited to see the difference the Salesforce Forest will make in Tanzania.

futureforce tree planting challenge


We’re planting more trees with an online quiz challenge to induct the global Futureforce class of 2020 interns. We’ve planted 6520 trees this summer through these quizzes!

Play the challenge and plant >

Sustainability at Salesforce

At Salesforce, we consider the environment to be a key stakeholder and we are committed to harnessing our culture of innovation to improve the state of the world. We leverage the power of our people and our products to reduce the impact that we and our customers have on the planet. Salesforce achieved net-zero greenhouse gas emissions globally and delivers customers a carbon-neutral cloud.

* Vision: We’re committed to a sustainable future for all
* Clean Cloud: Delivering an environmentally-friendly customer success platform
* Operations: Integrating sustainability into everything that we do
* People: Leveraging our employees to create a greener world

Learn more: Sustainability at Salesforce

More trees getting prepared in the nursery.

Thanks for making an impact in Tanzania.

First batch of trees planted in the mountains.

New tree seedlings ready to plant.

Reforesting Tanzania

We’re planting trees with local communities and schools in Tanzania. The project includes education and hands-on experience to empower youth groups to reforest their future.

Learn more about this project >

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ForestNation - 23.12.2022

Thank you for gifting trees to Mother Earth and your people. Let’s gift and grow together in 2023. Happy Holidays from Team ForestNation.

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