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plant & post your picture in the SC Forest, we will plant 10 trees in your honor.   And – For every plant you plant, we’ll plant 10.

SC is excited to bring ForestNation Tree Kits to our conferences and events.  We are committed to being conscious in our work, ways, and world.  This includes helping reduce waste with our conference swag.  Our Co-Founder is fond of saying “We grow stronger together.”  Whether it is providing support, encouragement and accountability through one-on-one companion services, collaborating with world class clinical teams, or choosing  eco-friendly solutions for conference swag, we grow stronger together when we use each other’s strengths to lift one another up.  When we do the next right thing.  In that spirit, we bought you a tree, and will plant more trees when you plant trees too.  Together, we’ll grow on and help others do the same.

Together, we make a bigger impact. Together, we Grow Stronger.

Planting for Change

When you plant trees within the SC Forest or post a picture of your tree,  we plant 10.

When you plant your tree in the SC Forest:  Tanzania, it expands our opportunities to create and implement meaningful social and environmental community programs for students throughout the world.

When you plant trees globally, it has a positive effect on us locally, contributing life sustaining oxygen while offsetting carbon to help reverse climate change, among other positive outcomes.

Your gift will also be providing sustainable livelihoods, alleviating poverty and hunger, empowering women, promoting gender equality and supporting green school programs.

The earth is our home. Together, we’ll make sure it’s able to sustain us, our loved ones, and all of its inhabitants. 

We heal together.  Whether we are planting trees together or working together behind the scenes to support you in supporting others, SC Cares.  Contact us to learn how we can collaborate to help more people get the help they so need and deserve – & while we are at, we’ll plant more trees.


Growing Stronger Together

SC’s roots are seeded in helping people grow.  In supporting the world’s most trusted treatment teams by providing as-needed companion and case management services behind the scenes.  Now you can help us plant roots and grow stronger together.  

SC specializes in supporting others in wellness & healing.  By planting trees together in lieu of conference swag & expensive ads, we can not only preserve but create an impactful legacy together.  It is important, now more than ever, to involve ourselves in sustainability and creating a better future for all. Planting trees with you & ForestNation allows us to do just that.  

For every 1 tree you plant and register with SC’s Forest, +10 trees will be planted in the SC Forest in Tanzania. For every picture you post of your tree, we’ll plant +10 more trees.  Growing Stronger Together – it’s our commitment & our speciality.  

Reforesting Tanzania

We are planting trees in Tanzania, creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming communities and empowering local youth.

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“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper, That we may record our emptiness.”

Kahlil Gibran

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SC provides heart-centered support for individuals worldwide who struggle with trauma, addiction, and mental & behavioral health challenges. We empower clients in their well being and support their families, loved ones, community, & the professionals who serve them by providing experienced support, encouragement, accountability, compassionate and companion services, coaching, care coordination, consulting, and comprehensive case management.

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So grateful to work with a team that loves and supports people & trees too.

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