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Our Social Responsibility

1. Suppliers: What we purchase and who we purchase from has an impact. Together, with our partners throughout the supply chain, we focus on product safety, sustainability, and working conditions that foster the greatest good.
• Examples
• Our Public Chemicals Policy launched in July 2019 to create a baseline expectation for all brands sold at Sephora. It lists 49 high priority chemicals for phase out over time and goals we report on each year.
• Clean at Sephora originally launched in July 2018 and is forever-evolving to designate which products meet the “Formulated without list” criteria and can be marked with the Clean seal.
• In partnership with Sephora, the BSRHer Health program has trained over 4000 female factory workers in Sephora’s supply chain on women’s health issues.
2. Climate: We have innovated our retail spaces for improved energy use to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Outside our stores, practices such as using zero-emissions vehicles reduce our carbon footprint.
• Examples
• Procurement of 100% renewable energy for US stores, distribution centers and headquarters
• Sephora has been an EPA Green Power Partner for the past seven years
3. Eco-design: Ecodesign is how we reduce waste in our stores and from our packaging. By embracing efficient design and encouraging the brands we carry to do the same, we save resources while incorporating recyclable materials. Sephora uses recycled paper bags in all its stores, saving 300 tons of paper a year
• Examples
• Sephora offers a reusable tote bag for consumers
• Sephora is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition
• Sephora partners with How2Recycle on sustainable packaging analysis

Plant with us

Together we can restore our earth by planting a Sephora forest in Tanzania. We hope to begin the journey of tree planting with our employees as a first step and eventually our clients, to raise awareness of the effect deforestation has on our planet and on communities.

Together, we keep it beautiful. We do this by inspiring innovation and sustainability in all aspects of our business. Sephora’s sustainability journey is guided by the belief that together we can protect and preserve the health and beauty of our planet. We take action to cultivate sustainable practices in our retail spaces, at our headquarters, and throughout our supply chain. From environmentally responsible packaging to conscientious energy consumption, we see every challenge as an opportunity to innovate.

Reforesting Tanzania

We are planting trees in Tanzania, creating sustainable livelihoods for local farming communities and empowering local youth.

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