October 5, 2023

Established in Malawi, our project focused on producing more than three million tree seedlings to foster a sustainable tree planting culture within these communities.

Reflecting on Progress

However, after a detailed review in 2009, it was concluded that our efforts needed better systems and precise record-keeping. To address this, we reframed our approach to make it more targeted towards the communities’ needs and available resources. Consequently, we collaborated closely with these communities to form definitive plans, including the choice of trees and plantation locations.

Improvements and Benefits

This revamped approach limited the quantity of raised trees but amplified the quality of care and planning. We also motivated community members to prepare their lands for tree-planting in a timely manner, rewarding those who did so with groundnut seeds. The groundnuts offer triple benefits: food supply, seeds for the next season, and soil nitrification that enhances fertility.

A Step-By-Step Guide

Our team devised a comprehensive guide for all coordinators and community tree nurseries, proving to be a useful tool for all project participants. Further, data tracking has been introduced to monitor the types and stages of trees, providing invaluable insights for the communities and our stakeholders.

Conservation Mission

Apart from just tree planting, the initiative also embarked on an ambitious path towards conducting a conservation program in the Nkhata Bay District. Despite financial limitations, the project has received tremendous support from the local chiefs, who understand the urgency of conserving the hills.

Initial steps have been positive, with 37 out of 43 chiefs providing maps of the areas they wish to conserve and a unanimous decision to adopt a simple set of bylaws. Looking ahead, we aspire to aiding communities in the plantation of indigenous trees to replace the ones that have been cut down. Through these efforts, we aim not only to restore these areas but also to preserve them for future generations to come.

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