One Heart Forest Report 2021

191,341 Trees Planted in 2021

One Heart community has planted over 320,000 trees. More reports are on the way.

one heart forest 2021 planting location

Planting Location

Kwemakame Kwai, Lushoto, Tanzania

Why here?

These parts are reserve forests. They are adjacent to farmlands, villages, and sub-villages that suffered deforestation due to illegal logging and forest fires.

There were around 796 hectares of land that requires special attention and plating, with native, fruit trees and other agro-forest tree species.


1. Nursery

Saplings started life in a nursery growing under the care of nursery staff for 6 to 9 months before they're ready to be planted. 80% of the staff employed in the nurseries are women.


2. Land preparation

While trees were still growing in the nursery, the land was being prepared by locals and planting officers. That included taking off invasive weeds and shrubs, and then creating space for planting trees.


3. Trees planted

The trees were planted on the ground. Trees planted in the first batch have been growing for over a year. You can see the height they have reached in comparison to a person.


Trees Species

Both fruit and forest trees are planted together to increase biodiversity in the forest, emulating nature's own forest creation.

Ratio of fruit trees to forest trees will be 5 fruit to 2 forest, or 70% to 30%.

Forest Trees (2-5 yrs maturity): Lavofia Caffra, Albizia Schimperiana, African Camphorwood, Croton Megalocapus, Makhamea Lutea

Fruit Trees (1-3 yrs fruit bearing):Avocado, Orange, Apple, Plum, Papaya, Pear, Peach, Banana, Mango

Environmental Impact

14,818 Tons Annual Carbon Sequestered

59,271 Tons Annual Oxygen Produced

one heart forest 2021 carbon and oxygen report

* Avg carbon sequestered: 50 pounds / tree / year

* Avg Oxygen produced: 100 pounds / tree / year

Jobs Created

Here's a report of the jobs and income created for the local community. 80% of the staff in the nursery are women.

$48,214 Income from Work

76,038 Paid hours worked

one heart forest 2021 jobs report

* Working day: 7 hours. Wage: $0.63/hr or $4.44/day

Income Created

Below is a projected report showing the income from the sale of each annual harvest from fruit trees planted.

$302,120 Income from Fruit

577,667 kgs Fruits harvested

133,938 Fruit trees

one heart forest 2021 income report

* Avg. Market price/kg: $0.523

Thanks for making an impact!