And your tree planting and tell the world!


Pledge to Plant

Plant it Back!

  • Your message to Mother Earth
  • Ask people to pledge with you.
  • Grow or buy trees to plant.
  • Plant it back!

Collective acts make a massive global change. Growing something from seed and planting it is an effective way to give back to Mother Earth. Looking after our home is our common goal for all our sisters and brothers around the world. It connects us to mother nature and connects us all to each other.

Show Mother Earth You Care

Mother Earth is real, she’s alive and she feels. She’s your home and the source of everything you care about in your life. Showing your love, appreciation and respect is something we can all do.

Our aim is not for you to do this once a year. We hope that these events will kick start your nurturing instinct, to care and give, and to do it everyday. Do with the people you interact with and do it everyday with the Earth that gives you your home.

It all starts with a message and a tree…