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10 trees for every new pledge. 1 tree for every 10 visitors.

Mother Earth is the source of everything in your life. It’s about time you started to give something back to her. People worship their gods and religions every day. We gift our loved ones many times throughout the year.  Sports fans admire their teams for a whole season. Why aren’t we doing something regularly for our Mother Earth! 

Hello World,

This site is beautiful.
it lets you plant trees.
i love our mother earth without her we would not be able to breath and even to live !!!

Oscar Sevestre – United Kingdom – #PledgeToPlant 74335


Judith Martínez – Spain – #PledgeToPlant 73900


Sonia Grado – Spain – #PledgeToPlant 73896

I commit to reducing my carbon footprint and and being a voice for the planet to help create and support policies that recognize and respect the importance of nature.

Tom Thenon – Portugal – #PledgeToPlant 73832

Earth gave me

Amol Bagul – India – #PledgeToPlant 73688

I want to spread kindness and I feel like planting trees is an easy conversation to have with people and allows for people to interact with each other peacefully

Danielle Canter – United States – #PledgeToPlant 73243

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