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We’re excited to partner with ForestNation and Orphaned starfish to help the planet and improve society.

We love the fact we can now empower our customers to make a difference by planting a tree with every product purchased.

By partnering with Forest Nation, we hope to raise the awareness of the importance of stewarding a healthy planet for future generations.

Forest Nation’s mission of a greener, healthier planet through functional tree planting in developing areas resonated with our core eco-friendly values.

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Our mission is to help you fall in love with your body all day, everyday. We create the most safe and effective, plant-powered personal care products made for every body. Our mindfully sourced and expertly crafted deodorant sprays are free of toxins and full of love, working with your natural microbiome to keep you smelling fresh all day long.

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We’re mother earth friendly! A portion of our profits and time go to causes that improve the planet and positively benefit the planet. We strive to minimize our footprint through earth-safe formulas, eco-friendly packaging, and streamlined business practices.

We use mushroom-based shipping packaging and sugarcane-based bottles. Our goal is to help reduce one-time use plastics in the personal care industry and make a shift to biopolymers.

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