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Trade show promotional product Syncrude ForestNation

Syncrude Canada used the Tree Kits as a trade show give way to generate leads and communicate their CSR efforts. They also donated 1000 Tree Kits to the local girl guides, a great way to give back to the local community. Syncrude purchased 5,000 Tree Kits in 2012 and recently purchased another 3,000.

You Plant One

Some of the tree kits You’ve Planted in this campaign…

We Plant One

We’ve planted 8,000 trees in Haiti thanks to Syncrude’s campaign…

Our tree planting partners have been planting trees throughout Haiti since early 2002, working on community-led projects which are designed to address the communities’ most urgent needs. In 2008, they helped over 200 farmers plant approximately 250,000 forest and fruit trees in Leogane. Read More

Campaign Stats

8,000 Tree Kits
8,000 Trees
16,000 Total Trees