Christmas Stardust


Send your Christmas greetings with a bright and cheery Tree Kit Gifting card like this one.

Add a touch of magic to their Christmas with a tree growing kit that sparkles with festive joy.

What they get:

Tree Growing Kit – Everything they need to grow a tree indoors or outdoors.

Impact Guarantee – We plant 10 additional trees that sequester 10 tons of CO2 annually and support sustainable livelihoods.

Tree Naming – We plant 1 more tree for free when they name their tree.

Video Instructions – Easy step by step instructions for them to experience the joy of growing from seed.

Growth Guarantee – If trees don’t grow, we send replacement tree kits for free.

Gift note – Send up to 1000 characters to communicate your message.

Zero Waste – 100% compostable packaging.

Weight 0.029 kg

Kraft Paper Pouch with Biodegradable PLA Lining (28g), Seeds, Biodegradable capsule for small seeds, Jiffy 7 growing pellet, Instruction leaflet, Unique code, Removable Printed Labels

Send your Christmas greetings with a bright and cheery Tree Kit Gifting card like this one.

Gift this tree and we’ll plant 10 trees for you in a developing country. We’ll send you a code to claim your extra 10 trees in ForestNation, so you can add them to your Forest.

* What is it:

– An alternative to traditional greeting cards and gifts. The recipient gets to grow their own trees at home or at work. We plant an additional 10 trees in a developing country to reforest Mother Earth and help create sustainable livelihoods for people that need it most. You Plant We Plant

– You will help ensure our survival on Mother Earth as 10 trees will; absorb a 1/4 ton of CO2 every year, create 1 ton of O2 every year, reforest land and create food and jobs for people.

– Tree pouches are biodegradable and contain everything you need to grow your own trees. It’s a complete tree growing kit with tree seeds and instructions on how to plant it.

– This is a great gift for a loved one or a friend. The tree sprouts in just 2-6 weeks and it’s a really fun activity to plant and see it grow.  *Germination times may vary depending on growing conditions i.e. temperature etc.*

– Perfect for all ages.

– It’s really simple. We provide everything needed for the successful germination of your new saplings. You just provide the water, patience, and love.

– Trees can be kept growing in a plant pot for as long as you like. Or you can plant them in a garden. So if you live in a city tree kits are even more important for you as they are your connection to nature and your daily reminder to care for our planet.

– There’s a unique for each tree kit that you can use to name your tree online, upload photos and messages to share. All your trees will be attached to your online forest.

* Seed Species:

– We select the best tree seeds for your area. All trees are amazing and we’re sure you’ll be happy with yours. It’s also a nice surprise. We only send trees that are easy to grow in our tree kits and that are good for you to grow at home.

– Examples of tree seeds include: Blue Spruce, White Spruce, Red Spruce, Crape Myrtle, California Fan Palm, Orchid Tree, Sourwood, Empress Tree, Western Red Cedar, California Redwood, Sabal Palmetto, Thornless Honey Locust, Western Redbud, River Birch, Stone Pine, Bristlecone Pine.

– Kraft Paper Pouch with Biodegradable Lining
– Tree Seeds
– Biodegradable capsule for small seeds
– Jiffy 7 growing pellet
– Kraft Instruction label
– Design label
– Unique code
– Removable Printed Labels
– Weight is 10 ounces or 0.029 kg
– Made by hand in the US and we support local labor

Our goal is to plant 1 Billion trees.