Plant in Tanzania


230 Million Tree Goal For Tanzania

Our goal is to plant 230 Million Trees in the heavily deforested Usambara biodiversity hotspot.

This will create jobs, income, and food security for local communities. Your gift will help them become guardians of Mother Earth living in harmony with nature!

Plant trees to create sustainable livelihoods in Tanzania.

Grow your own Forest by planting trees in Tanzania. These trees will help reforest Mother Earth and create sustainable livelihoods for local communities affected by deforestation and climate change.

Every 10 trees you plant will absorb a 1/4 ton of CO2 every year, create 1 ton of O2 every year, reforest land and create food, jobs and income for people.

You can see your impact on your online Forest profile and there are many more things you can do, even for free, to plant more trees!

Our goal is to plant 1 Billion trees.

Why Tanzania?

  • Tanzania is the largest of all countries in East Africa. Once entirely bush and savanna, the landscape is now semidesert.
  • In the Eastern and Western Usambara Mountain Ranges where we plant, heavy deforestation has ruined the livelihoods of many locals.

Your Impact

  • Seedlings are grown for families to plant on their farms. Once mature, they produce a regular harvest, yielding food and income.
  • Employment is provided to 200 women year-round and up to 800 women seasonally. 80% of the staff employed are women.
  • Students visit the nurseries regularly to learn and help plant the trees that beautify their school. The food grown provides additional nutrition.

What Trees are planted?

  • Fruit Trees: Avocado, Peach, Loquat, Banana, Moringa, Plum, Orange, PawPaw, Papaya (1-3 years gestation to bear fruit)
  • Forest Trees: Lavofia Caffra, Albizia Schimperiana, Croton Megalocapus, Makhamea Lutea, Pinus Patula, Cypress Lusitanica, Podocarpus, Usambariansis, Leucaena, Croton Microsachers, East African Camphorwood (1-2 years to reach maturity)
  • To ensure high survival rates, each tree we grow is from the same forest same macro climate, same soil, same ecosystem.

How and when are they planted?

  • Trees are grown in the nursery until they’re ready to plant
  • Planting seasons: October-December and March-June
  • Trees are monitored for 5 consecutive years to ensure maturity
  • The forest is protected from fires and heavy rainfall by the local village communities

Learn more about the project here.