Andrew Pothecary

Andrew has a personal conviction to be successful by creating goodness that positively impacts his community, society, and Mother Earth.

Andrew founded ForestNation in September 2007. He has led the conception, creation, design, and development of ForestNation, and is committed to encouraging everyone to grow and plant their own trees.

In his days before ForestNation, Andrew attended Kings College University in London where he studied Philosophy, and there he got the greatest piece of advice that managed to fuel the passion that shows in his work to this day. This piece of advice came from Professor Mark Sainsbury, and went along the lines of; “whatever it is you do in life, make sure it has a purpose.”

Andrew believes that planting trees will make the planet healthy, so it can provide us with everything we need. If we all adopt the custom of growing our own trees and giving back to Earth on a regular basis it will bring about a change in us. It will connect us with nature and connect us all with each other.