Tree Gifts for all Occasions - Give a unique tree gift people will love

Trees are the most special and thoughtful gift you could ever give. Nurturing a tree from seed and watching it grow connects us with nature and connects us to each other.

Gift trees for occasions like these...

Tree kits are the perfect gift alternative to greeting cards and gift cards. Commemorate life’s moments – birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions – by gifting and planting trees to honor your friends and loved ones.

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A Tree gift is a gift for everyone

For them

  • Tree gifts are unique. People will appreciate your thoughtful gesture.
  • The tree will grow and benefit them in so many ways. Just being surrounded by plants has a positive effect.
  • They help people connect with nature. They will learn to care for trees and their environment.
  • You are giving them memories for a lifetime, because trees have a long lifespan
  • Trees add to the beauty of their home and surroundings which they will thank you for

For you

  • It feels good to giving trees.
  • You will help green our planet.
  • Be proud that it's eco friendly and leaves no waste behind, unlike gifts made from plastic which pollute our environment.

For Mother Earth

  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide in the air and help keep Mother Earth cool.
  • They breathe out the fresh oxygen that fill our lungs with life.
  • They trap harmful pollutants such as ozone and nitrogen dioxide in their leaves
  • They trap the excess heat from the Sun and help keep our surroundings cool. Trees also block strong winds to protect us.
  • Trees work together to make soil stronger with their branching roots. They also improve soil quality by providing for microorganisms beneficial for the soil.
  • They disperse rain with their broad canopies to avoid flooding

Tree Gifts for Every Occasion

Winter Holidays

Let's transform this holiday season into a time of happiness, generosity, and growth by presenting trees as gifts to our loved ones. Wish season’s greetings with trees instead of lifeless greeting cards.

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Christmas Tree Gifts

A tree gift is a wonderful way to say Merry Christmas to your loved ones. Evergreen tree species, fir trees in particular are superb gifts for Christmas holidays. These trees symbolize the continuity of life and fit nicely into the ethos of traditional winter season festivities. And in a few years, the gifted tree will grow up to become a Christmas tree to spread further joy.

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Thanksgiving Tree Gifts

Be grateful for the past year and celebrate the spirit of giving with your family & friends by gifting them trees on Thanksgiving. Trees are also a great way to say thanks to your Thanksgiving dinner host.

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Hanukkah Tree Gifts

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival celebrating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after its defilement by the Syrian Greeks in 164 BCE.

Celebrate the festival of lights with your family and friends by giving them the gift of a tree. A tree symbolically represents more light in our world. So you can give 8 trees for the 8 days of Hannukah celebrations, lighting up a candle on the hanukkiah each day. Alternatively, give 1 tree on day 1, 2 on day 2, and so on sending out a message of eco consciousness synonymous with Hanukkah traditions.

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Kwanzaa Tree Gifts

Kwanzaa is a pan-African holiday which celebrates family, community and culture.

Celebrate Kwanzaa with your family and community by gifting them trees. Kwanzaa literally means ‘first fruits’, so these tree gifts are also coherent with the celebrations of a fresh harvest season. As is tradition, Zawadi or gifts are given to children during Kwanzaa and they are the centerpiece of home decorations. The present is given on New Year’s Eve and it’s recommended to give things that are creative or artistic in nature. So tree gifts are tailor made for this tradition.

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Easter Tree Gifts

Celebrate the arrival of spring with tree gifts for Easter. Choose small stature tree species like Bonsai which can grow up to be used as Easter trees. Your gift will symbolize new life and new beginnings fitting well to the Easter holiday spirit.

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Valentine's Day Tree Gifts

Celebrate Valentine’s day with trees that grow as love grows. Choose flower seed species such as rose and lilies to plant it in the name of your love. When these flowers bloom, they would become an unforgettable way to express your love. Trees like jasmine and fern also have deep meaning for love. Jasmine expresses beauty while fern expresses sincerity.

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Birthday Tree Gifts

Trees are the perfect birthday present. Unlike other gifts, your gift will be remembered throughout the year and for a lifetime. Tree gifts are also a beautiful way to welcome newborns to the world. Celebrate new life with a new life for the family to forever cherish.

Young kids are most excited about their birthday gifts, so imagine what impact you could have by giving them a tree. The tree also helps the kids empathize for Mother Earth at an early age and that’s really a gift to their parents and our future.

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Wedding Tree Gifts

A tree is a thoughtful present for newlyweds. It marks the beginning of a family. Your gift will very much be a part of this family’s story. It will grow in their backyard as a beautiful reminder of their special day and their journey together.

Marriages are also an appropriate occasion to encourage eco responsibility. Instead of paper made greeting cards, newlyweds can gift trees to their friends, family and well wishers.

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Mother's Day Tree Gifts

Say thanks to your Mom with tree gifts instead of greeting cards. Celebrate Mother’s Day by giving her a beautiful tree.

A tree gift conveys your unspoken love for your mom. It shows how much you honor and appreciate her for all that she has done for you.

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Corporate Tree Gifts for Every Campaign

Promotion Campaigns

Branded trees are a hit promotional product and unique gifts to wow your customers, clients and associates.

  • Boost sales by offering trees with each purchase
  • Go green with your swag/giveaways at events, trade shows, etc
  • Improve engagement and retention
  • Strengthen relationships with partners and associates

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Employee Gifts

Gift trees to your employees and make them your best brand ambassadors. They will love you for helping them make an impact at work. Not only does it make work more fulfilling, it shows your commitment to the environment as a team.

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Tree Gifts for School Fundraisers

Amazing Impact and Education Benefits

Imagine if schools sold trees instead of cookies to raise funds. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  • People will appreciate your shift to eco friendly gifts
  • Students will get educated about trees, nature and Mother Earth
  • The trees will contribute to the greenery in your community

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Why Give Tree Gifts with us?

We plant matching trees for every Tree Gift you give with us. So double your impact with your gifts and help reforest Mother Earth! #YouPlantWePlant

FAQs on Tree Gifts for All Occasions

The best tree as a gift depends on the occasion, recipient's preferences, and the climate in which the tree will be planted. ForestNation offers a variety of tree kits suitable for different occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and corporate events. The tree species included in the kits are selected for their adaptability and ease of growth, making them ideal gifts for a wide range of situations.

A tree symbolizes growth, strength, and longevity, making it a meaningful gift for various occasions. By gifting a tree, you're not only presenting a thoughtful and unique present but also contributing to a greener, healthier planet.

The most meaningful tree can vary depending on personal beliefs and cultural symbolism. However, some universally meaningful trees include the oak (strength and endurance), olive (peace and friendship), and cherry (beauty and renewal). ForestNation offers tree kits with a variety of tree species, ensuring there's a meaningful option for everyone.
The apple tree is often considered a symbol of love and fertility, while the rose tree represents love, beauty, and passion. When gifting a tree to symbolize love, consider the recipient's personal preferences and the symbolism that resonates with your relationship.
Trees offer numerous gifts to humans and the environment, such as providing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, supporting wildlife, preventing soil erosion, and offering shade and beauty. By gifting a tree, you're not only sharing a meaningful present but also promoting a healthier planet.
Yes, a tree is an excellent gift for various occasions, as it symbolizes growth, strength, and longevity. ForestNation's tree kits and eGifts are perfect for personal and corporate gifting, providing a unique, eco-friendly, and meaningful option that contributes to a greener future.