Save Alder Creek

What is happening out there in the world? Let’s find out! Get to know all about Alder Creek and the Save the Redwoods organization, which is making waves and opening the magnificent forest to the public!

What You’ll Learn about Alder Creek

You’ll learn what Alder Creek is, what trees make up the immense forest, and even more! Why does this matter? Well, not only can you visit and see some beautiful nature for yourself, but the forest also gives us oxygen and helps combat global warming by taking in carbon dioxide. Take the quiz and earn points towards a SEED, to do your part in the fight to save our planet!

Why We Love this Video

It’s always nice to hear about these positive stories, but they seldom make the big headlines. Thankfully, with the Internet, we can now find these stories for ourselves! This video showcases just how beautiful Alder Creek is, and makes us here at ForestNation want to drop everything and visit! However, even if we can’t, we can return to this video and marvel at our beautiful Mother Earth.

Quiz Gratitude

Thanks to the Save the Redwoods organization, both for giving numerous people the ability to see this amazing landmark and for creating a video so people all over the world can know about Alder Creek!Thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz.

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