Amazing Penguins

World Penguin Day happens on April 25th every year…but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate these amazing birds all the time!

It is sad to think that penguins are one of the animals most affected by man-made global warming.

Increasing sea temperatures decrease the amount of food they can find in the ocean, and melting ice means some species of penguins are running out of places to raise their young!

What you’ll learn about penguins:

With this great video, you’ll learn about so many different species of penguins around the world, what makes them so different and other interesting facts you might not have known!

Why we love this video!

We love this video because of the beautiful footage and the interesting facts it gives us! You can learn about so many different species of penguins…and knowledge is power!

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to Nat Geo Wild for this informative video on penguins.

Thanks to Derek Oyen on Unsplash for the quiz cover pic.

Special thanks to Nilesh Majumdar for creating this quiz!