Can Wildlife Adapt to Climate Change?

There are many ways humans can adapt to climate change: we can design smarter cities, create better water management systems and use technology to find sustainable and effective energy solutions (among many other things)!The question is, can wildlife adapt to the changes caused by man-made climate change in time? Or, is it up to us to help them survive through the potential consequences of human actions?Watch this fantastic video to find out how our co-inhabitants on Mother Earth are adapting to climate change, and take the quiz to earn points towards a SEED!

What you’ll learn about animal adaptation to climate change:

With the help of this video, you’ll learn how some animals are evolving to adapt to climate change. Adaptive evolution, such as relocation, can happen very quickly but won’t necessarily be passed on to the next generation.On the other hand, evolution can also be coded into a species’ DNA: this is heritable – meaning it will be passed on – and could be key to a species’ future! If wildlife can adapt to climate change both biologically and with human help, then our planet may be able to keep its awe-inspiring diversity!

Why we love this video!

Isn’t nature so amazing? Even without our help, wildlife can find ways to evolve and adapt to climate change. Planet Earth keeps on spinning, life keeps on going, and nature will survive long after we are gone.Still, even if some species might be fine on their own, there is absolutely no doubt that it is human actions that will determine the fate of our planet. We all need to come together and act to make the planet a better and safer place to live!You can do some of your part right here! Take the quiz and plant a tree to help in the fight against global warming and save wildlife across the world!

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to Ted Ed for this insightful video.Quiz photo cover photo credit goes to Diana Parkhouse on Unsplash.Special thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz!