A Technology to Reverse Climate Change?

Climate change is currently the biggest challenge faced by humanity. People and organizations all around the world are working towards solving the problem with as much as they can and they deserve our attention and support.Climeworks is one such organization which has put forward a potential solution to help address the problem of climate change, using innovative technologies as its weapon.One way to stop climate change from reaching catastrophic levels is to reduce emissions worldwide while simultaneously removing CO2 from the atmosphere. For the past decade, Climeworks has been developing and deploying its Direct Air Capture technology all around the world.

What you’ll learn about Climeworks’ solution to climate change:

You’ll learn about the scale of the challenges facing us, and how one particular organization is making their mark fighting back with real solutions.Climeworks’ vision to capture CO2 and store it back beneath the earth is one of the most exciting and innovative solutions we have at present, and definitely necessary in the short time we have left to stop the potentially disastrous and irreversible effects of climate change.

Why we love this video!

We love this video because it talks about a real and practical solution being put into action right now.It shows us that there are companies out there doing good and using new technologies to help humanity fix problems it has created, rather than continuing along the same dangerous paths.

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to our friends at Climeworks who are working there day in and day out to make this planet a better place for us.Thanks to Arni Saeberg on Wikimedia Commons for the quiz cover pic.Special thanks to Nilesh Majumdar for creating this quiz.