Coral Reefs 101

Even if you’ve never been to the ocean, it’s undeniable that coral reefs are some of the most beautiful ecosystems on Mother Earth! They are incredibly complex and important for marine biodiversity too!But do you know that time is running out to see them in person? Find out why and learn even more about coral reefs in the video, and then take the quiz to earn points towards a SEED!

What you’ll learn about coral reefs and why it matters:

You’ll learn 5 important facts about coral reefs, from how they get their colors to who lives in them. You’ll also learn what is killing them off! Big hint: we are all part of the problem!Once you learn how your actions impact the coral reefs, it’s time to do something about it. Take the quiz, earn points, and plant a tree to help these beautiful ecosystems of the deep!

Why we love this video!

Who knew that there was so much to learn about coral reefs? We love how colorful the video is – it really does the reefs justice! Also, though it can be difficult to hear that our actions are contributing to coral reef death, we love how honest the video is. After all, how can any of us help if we don’t know what’s wrong!Thankfully, the plant-a-tree mission here at ForestNation ties directly into the issue of climate change and the survival of coral reefs. Before you leave this page, take the quiz and help the reefs!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to National Geographic for this pretty and colorful video on coral reefs!Cover photo credit goes to Seashells underwater photography on Unsplash.Thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz!