Endangered Dragon’s Blood Trees

Have you ever heard of the dragon’s blood tree? Well, we’ve never heard of it either, until we stumbled upon this video! Learn all about this mysterious tree, and what is threatening their survival.

What You’ll Learn about Dragon’s Blood Trees

You’ll learn all about the dragon’s blood tree, such as why they’re called “dragon’s blood,” where they grow, and what color their sap is! Most importantly, you’ll learn what is threatening their survival. Spoiler alert: it’s something that everyone can combat! Take the quiz and earn points towards a SEED to help the dragon’s blood trees!

Why We Love this Video

It’s times like these when we think, wow, Mother Earth is so fascinating! Who knew that there are such strangely beautiful trees? It’s also when we think, wow, our actions are really harming our planet. We here at ForestNation love how National Geographic broadens our knowledge of Earth, while also informing us of how we’re negatively impacting the world we inhabit. Take the quiz and earn points towards a SEED, to combat global warming!

Quiz Gratitude

Thanks to National Geographic for this informative video, Rodd Waddington for the cover photo and Hope Tsai for creating this quiz.