Endangered Penguins of South Africa

Who doesn’t love penguins? Known as the cute birds who can’t fly, penguins appear in so much popular culture these days it’s hard to avoid them!But do you also know that some species are endangered as a result of human behavior? How much do you really know about penguins? Watch the video and take the quiz to find out and earn points towards a SEED!

What you’ll learn about South African penguins:

Dive in, and get to know the African penguin! With the help of this video, you’ll learn about their diet, their population, and the threats to their survival.Turns out, (surprise surprise), it’s human activity that’s threatening them! We can’t just turn a blind eye, and ignore the consequences of our actions: we need to take a stand!While we most of us may not have direct control over over-fishing and habitat encroachment, we can definitely make choices as citizens and consumers that can indirectly help these beautiful birds and Mother Earth as a whole. Planting a tree is a great place to start! So, complete this quiz, and earn points towards a SEED!

Why we love this video!

This unique video format places the viewer right in the heart of the action on the beautiful South African coastline! It can be hard to imagine what it’s like in other parts of the world and how people are taking action to help endangered species all over our planet!We here at ForestNation love this new video format: we get to learn more about Earth while also basking in the cuteness of the African penguin!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to National Geographic for this fantastic and informative video.

Thanks to Jack Young for the cover photo.

Special thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz!