Energy 101: Algae-to-Fuels

You’ve heard of solar energy and fossil fuels, but have you ever heard about algae fuel? Watch the video and take the quiz to learn all about algae as fuel!

What You’ll Learn and Why It Matters

You’ll learn about whether or not algae fuel is effective and how it works! You’ll even learn what is needed to produce algae fuel. At the same time, you’ll be earning points towards a SEED!

Whose Message Is It?

Thanks to the Pew Charitable Trusts, an organization dedicated to improving the public, for this colorful infographic on shark facts!

We Like This Because:

Even these large, powerful predators aren’t 100% safe from the consequences of human interaction. If they continue being accidentally or intentionally fished, then the marine ecosystems may become unstable. An entire ecosystem may be forever changed! However, there’s still hope: as stated in the infographic, there are sanctuaries in place and even more that can be done. There’s always the possibility of Mother Earth finding her way back!

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