4 Grand Ideas to Recycle Waste

Even though we recycle, much of our waste still ends up in landfills and oceans! The World Bank estimates that only one third of waste in high-income countries is recycled or composted. In lower-income countries, this goes down to only 4%!Watch the video to learn about the size of the problem, and new ways in which countries all over the world are recycling waste. Then, take the quiz to earn points towards a SEED and help to heal Mother Earth!

What you’ll learn about solutions for our global waste problem:

Why is reusing waste so important? Waste like plastic can harm marine life, as well as release toxins and harmful chemicals into soil, water, and even air! Just a quick online search will show you just how bad this is for our planet.So, it’s extremely important that industry, government and us – the consumers – find new and exciting ways to recycle waste.With this video, we at ForestNation discovered that there are many creative ways and new ideas being used to save our planet! Perhaps you can be inspired to share ideas with your friends, or even suggest some to your local government!

Why we love this video!

Who knew that recycling waste could be so interesting and fun?! It is really important to see how there are projects in countries all over the world contributing to save Mother Earth, right now, when we need it most.This video is fun, colourful, informative, and to the point! It can be easy not to see positive news nowadays, so we love this inspiring video from BBC News!

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to BBC News for this interesting video on four grand ways to recycle waste!Thanks to @Shirley810 on Pixabay for the quiz cover pic.Special thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz!

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