Every day, consumers are caring more about their environmental impact and buying sustainable products. Companies know this and some are using greenwashing to exploit the consumer’s desire to buy sustainable products. 

This is discouraging, but all is not lost! You can learn to spot greenwashing and make a difference by choosing truly green products! Play this quiz to earn points at SEED, and participate in reforesting the world!

What You’ll Learn about Greenwashing and why it’s Important

Greenwashing is the practice of using misleading labels to trick consumers into thinking that products and companies are more environmentally friendly than they actually are. In this quiz you’ll learn more about greenwashing, it’s history, how to spot it, and how to avoid greenwashed products! 

Greenwashing is an upsetting practice that takes advantage of the consumer’s desire to do good. But don’t let that discourage you! There are many good sustainable products and companies out there that are actually environmentally friendly. Using various apps or websites, you can do your own research to make sure products are actually as green as they claim!

Why we love this video!

This video explains greenwashing in a friendly and encouraging way. It quickly explains the issue so it can spend most of the video explaining what you can do to avoid it. We love how the video highlights the importance of doing your own research and trying to find evidence for the claims companies are making. Watch this video, answer some questions, and earn points towards a SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to NowThis Earth for this helpful and informative video!

Cover photo for this quiz was taken from Greenability Magazine.

Big thanks to Ross Marotta for creating this quiz.

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