Help our Kelp!

Oceans makes up over 70% of the Earth’s surface area, but how much do you actually know about them?!Did you know, for example, that kelp forests help keep the oceans biodiverse? Do you know that they even help combat global warming? Watch the video to learn these facts and more!

What you’ll learn about kelp forests and why it matters:

With the help of this fantastic video, you’ll learn all about kelp forests, and how they’re being brought back to life in Sussex, England. You’ll learn that a thriving kelp forest means a thriving marine life population, and a healthier planet. They purify the water, and the air as well! Who knew that kelp forests are so important? Well, if you watch this video, you’ll learn why!

Why we love this video!

This video demonstrates that anything is possible, if you really try! Even though the kelp forests are in dire danger of slowly fading away, there is still something we can do to help bring them back!This video is so inspirational – even us here at ForestNation, who didn’t know anything about kelp forests before – are ready to jump up and take action! You can take action too by watching the video, taking the quiz and earn points towards a SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to The SussexIFCA for this beautiful and inspiring video on the kelp forests in Sussex! Learn more about the ‘Help our Kelp ‘ campaign from The Sussex Wildlife Trust.Big thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz!

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