How does a wind turbine work?

Have you ever wondered how a wind turbine generates electricity? Now is your chance to find out!

What you’ll learn about wind turbines and why it matters!

This quiz focuses on how wind energy – a clean, sustainable source of energy – is produced.Using renewable energy sources like wind, solar or hydroelectric power is increasingly important as we try to stop the worst effects of global warming.

Why we love this video!

The use of non-renewable sources of energy – like coal, oil and natural gas – needs to decrease in order to slow man-made global warming, so it is incredibly important that we invest in and understand alternative sources of energy.Electricity generated by wind power is clean and sustainable, and technological improvements mean that it is cheaper and more efficient than ever before! Understanding how renewable energy sources work gives each of us the knowledge to have a voice on the sustainable future we need.Watch the video, learn how wind energy is used, and blow us away with your knowledge to get closer to another SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to Acciona, a company dedicated to renewable energy, for this detailed video on how wind turbines work!