How Green Roofs Can Help Cities

As cities continue to grow, we need to consider their environmental impact and sustainable solutions. Green roofs are an excellent way to help the environment, improve liveability, and make cities prettier all while saving money. Play the quiz to earn points towards a SEED, and participate in reforesting the world!

What You’ll Learn about Green Roofs and Why it Matters

You’ll learn about one tremendously successful example of a green roof in New York City and all the positive impacts that it, and other roofs like it, can have on the world. Current city roofs are mostly made of metal and asphalt with little green to be seen. This underutilized space is not pretty to look at and is bad for the environment.Green roofs make use of this space by adding plant life, creating habitats for local species, and making the city a prettier place to live for humans! It seems like cities are going to keep growing for a long time, so now is a great time to learn about and support solutions like green roofs!

Why we love this video!

This video quickly shares a successful example of a green roof, while explaining many of the benefits of green roofs. Innovations like green roofs are commonly shot down as being unrealistic or not economic. However, this video explains clearly how green roofs can solve many environmental issues while saving money.Many modern cities, like New York City, are accepted to be grey with nature only found in parks. But green roofs can help shape the future and transform cities into much greener, cleaner, and more sustainable spaces.
Watch the video to learn more, answer some questions, and earn points towards a SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to NPR for this concise and inspiring video about green roofs!

Cover photo for this quiz was taken from the Javits Center Facebook page.

Big thanks to Ross Marotta for creating this quiz.

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