How Wolves Change Rivers

Wolves are famous for their hauntingly beautiful howl, yet they are also incredibly intelligent and important animals for ecosystems across the world!Wise up and learn about how wolves changed the rivers in Yellowstone, take the quiz, and earn points towards a SEED!

What you’ll learn and why it matters:

As an important predator in the food chain, wolves keep other populations stable and under control. Can they really change rivers? Do they really have that big of an impact? Can they, like Sustainable Human says, actually “give life”, rather than just eating their prey?
Play this quiz to learn how wolves change their environment, and why killing wolves in favor of other species is not as smart as you’d think. At the same time, you will be earning points towards a SEED to help reforest our planet!

Why we love this video!

What is happening in Yellowstone National Park shows us that we can always correct and learn from our mistakes, and that it is never too late to make a difference.The reintroduced wolves and their impact give us hope at ForestNation. Mother Earth can always bounce back–we just need to give her a helping hand!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to Sustainable Human for this video on how wolves change rivers and why the survival of ecosystem engineers is necessary for the sustainable growth of forests and nature!