Life of a Plastic Bottle

Test out your knowledge on where plastic comes from and where it goes. Watch the YouTube video above, and get all five questions right to plant 1/3 of a tree!

Wise Up About the Journey of Plastics

Plastic is a ubiquitous part of our lives. It’s the packaging for our food; for our toiletries; for our appliances. It’s even in our clothes.Plastic can make our lives easier– but it has consequences we can’t always see. What happens before it comes into our hands, and what happens when we throw it out?This video covers the entire life of a plastic bottle. Knowing where it comes from and where it goes is important to our understanding of our world and our environment.

Why we Love this Video

TedEd breaks down the entire life of plastic– all in 4 minutes! TedEd discusses the birth, use, and death of a plastic bottle.The video shows us that our society’s reliance on plastic has pretty grim consequences. But we also understand that properly recycling the plastics we already have is a better alternative. Awareness is the first step to action, so take the quiz and earn points towards planting a tree!

Quiz Gratitude

Big thanks to TedEd for creating such an accessible, compelling video!Thanks to Brian Yurasits on Unsplash for the quiz cover pic.Special thanks to Anna Rhatigan for creating this quiz.

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