Protecting the Most Endangered Marine Mammal

Can you name the most endangered marine mammal? Did you know that it is human activity that has led to its endangered status?Well, after watching this video and taking this quiz, you’ll know all about it! By doing so, you’ll earn points towards a SEED and help fight against some of the effects that are leading to the extinction of many wonderful creatures like these!

What you’ll learn and why it matters:

You’ll learn all about the vaquita dolphin: where it lives; why it is endangered; and can it survive without us? These facts are too important not to know!After all, they are the most endangered marine mammal, and won’t survive without our help! At the same time, you’ll be earning points towards a SEED!

Why we love this video!

Too often, we think that our actions don’t have any consequences, but the endangered status of the vaquita dolphin proves otherwise!While this quiz and video may seem overdramatic, we like how real and honest it is. If we don’t start acting now, then the vaquita dolphins may join the many other species that are going extinct on a daily basis!Sometimes, it is important to face up to the facts in order to create quick and helpful solutions. Pass this on to your family and friends, and spread the news!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to Animal Planet for creating this educational video about Protecting the Most Endangered Marine Mammal. Go to Animal Planet to learn more about the many animals living on Mother Earth!