Countries of the World that Pollute Most

Watch the video and play the quiz countries of the world that pollute most. This quiz is about countries of the world with the highest carbon emissions, plastic waste and ocean pollution. 🌏

What you’ll learn about big-polluting countries:

You will find out which countries cause the bulk of environmental damage. They are the bad boys for Mother Earth who need to act now because…

We need to hold the top polluters accountable because the delicate balance of life on Earth is at stake!

While we draw attention to individual countries, this is not about individual winners and losers. All nations need to unite and help each other solve their pollution problems. Initiatives like the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement give us hope for climate action. 🤝

Quiz gratitude:

We used CO2 emissions data from Our World in Data for this quiz. It clearly shows which countries need to put a check on emissions. 🏭

Thanks to The Wall Street Journal and UN Comtrade for information about the extent of plastic and ocean pollution.

Special thanks to Andrew Saville, our QuizMaster for compiling these resources and creating this quiz. 🙏

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