Special Scottish Forest

Have you heard of the Craigvinean forest in Scotland? Fair enough, neither had we! What do you think about the relationship between corporations, natural resources and sustainability? Perhaps this video can help shed some light on why these relationships do not always have to end badly…After watching this video, take the quiz to see how much you know, and to earn points towards a SEED to plant a tree and help combat global warming!

What you’ll learn about the Craigvinean Forest and why it matters:

You’ll learn all about the Craigvinean forest, including what it is, why it’s important, and what it could mean for Mother Earth as a whole.Not only is the video so beautiful to look at, but it shows how – by acting in an intelligent and eco-conscious way – we can protect older forests and ecosystems while continuing to benefit from their vital resources.

Why we love this video!

This video shows that by treating forests with careful respect, we can use them to benefit both our planet and our economy.We here at ForestNation  love the positive and innovative nature of this story, and learning all about a beautiful forest and nuanced ways of thinking about our relationship with nature.

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks so much to the World Economic Forum for this beautiful video on the Craigvinean forest in Scotland!Cover photo credit goes to Geoff Johnson on Flickr.

Big thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz!