Meet the tardigrade…

Never heard of a ‘tardigrade’ before? Neither had we before we watched this video!These weird and wonderful creatures are not only strange-looking, but actually offer us loads of opportunities for important scientific discoveries…who would have thought it!

What you’ll learn about tardigrades:

You’ll learn all about the tardigrade, including what makes it so unique and why they could be so important to the future of humankind!We at ForestNation believe it’s always important to learn more about the planet we live on. Tardigrades are just one example of how much more there is to learn about Mother Earth, and exciting discoveries like this are just one more reason why we need to make sure we take care of our planet for future generations!

Why we love this video!

Not only is the animation super cute and we loved getting to see these little tardigrades in motion, but we also got to learn about these tough creatures of the deep blue sea at the same time!We love how the information is simple and easy to understand, and just how awe-inspiring Mother Earth and its inhabitants are!

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to TED-Ed for this informative animation on tardigrades.Special thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz!