Sustainable Cotton Harvesting in Haiti

Timberland’s reintroduction of cotton farming in Haiti not only allows them to source better raw materials for their products, but it has recreated an industry that had vanished from the island.This is a good example of how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be used to create genuine opportunities and boost local communities rather than being seen as a burden by companies.

What you’ll learn about cotton farming in Haiti and Timberland’s intervention:

Watching this video, you will learn about cotton farming and its brief history in Haiti. More importantly, you will also see how it is possible for corporations to take responsibility and give back to areas from which they take resources such as cotton, in a fair and non-exploitative way.It is important to understand that a lot of large corporations do not follow the model shown by Timberland here.It is vital that corporations that are involved in taking raw materials like cotton involve local communities and workers’ cooperatives like this to ensure their business is both sustainable and fair.

Why we love this video!

Timberland clearly takes its responsibility as a big, multinational corporation seriously.By creating these opportunities for local farmers, it shows how proper implementation of corporate social responsibility policies can not only increase profits for companies, but make a real difference to local communities as well.

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to Timberland and Small Holders Farmers Alliance Haiti for their good work.Special thanks to Nilesh Majumdar for creating this quiz.

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