Tree Clones

What is the largest living organism on planet Earth? Is it a dinosaur? An elephant? A blue whale? The answer might surprise you…it’s a tree!Watch the video to learn more about this mysterious tree that is the largest living organism on Earth, take the quiz and earn points towards a SEED to help grow a forest somewhere else in the world!

What you’ll learn about Pando:

You’ll learn what makes up Pando, and how it works. Pando is a quaking aspen tree, and these trees reproduce a little bit differently from normal trees.Not through leaves or seeds, but through an extensive root system that produces clones all over the place! This means these tree systems can stretch for hundreds of miles, and live for many thousands of years! How cool is that?!

Why we love this video!

Who knew that this sort of thing existed on Earth?! We certainly didn’t…it seems like it belongs in a science fiction novel! Nature is so fascinating, and will never stop surprising us- but only as long as we look after it properly!

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to Nat Geo Kids for this insightful video.Special thanks to Hope Tsai for creating this quiz!