Urban Trees

For the many people in the world living in cities, urban trees and parks are their nature. On top of being important to those people for relaxation, play, and mental health, urban trees have many other benefits. They help to reduce extreme temperatures, reduce rainfall impact, filter rain runoff, increase air quality, and reduce noise. Play the quiz to earn points towards a SEED, and participate in reforesting the world!

What You’ll Learn about Urban Trees and Why it Matters

You’ll learn all about Urban Trees, their benefits, what threatens them, and how to protect them. Urban trees serve many practical purposes in cities that improve quality of life and reduce pollution for the people living there.But trees don’t always do well in cities. Restricting concrete environments, human traffic, garbage/dog waste, and invasive species all threaten urban tree health. But park services, an informed community, and citizen action can all help to ensure their urban trees are healthy and happy! With cities continuing to grow, urban trees are more important than ever. So it’s a great time to learn about them and their impact!

Why we love this video!

This video provides an entertaining and in depth look at urban trees, covering all the factors that someone would need to know! We love how it balances the community value of trees for activities and mental health with the more industrial values such as reduced energy spending. We also love how it highlights community action and provides multiple ways for people to get involved. Watch the video to learn more, answer some questions, and earn points towards a SEED!

Quiz gratitude:

Thanks to The Nature Conservancy for this fun and thorough video about urban trees!

Cover photo for this quiz was taken from Getty Images.

Big thanks to Ross Marotta for creating this quiz.

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