Why We Need Ice

Every day, the amount of ice covering our planet decreases due to man-made global warming. This ice is incredibly important in many ways, from giving home to arctic and ocean animals to protecting our cities from flooding.More worrying still, this trend is accelerating as the melting of different types of ice directly affects the melting of other types: it creates a negative feedback loop. Understanding the basics of this latest scientific knowledge is really important if we want to come together to fight back against climate change!

What you’ll learn about ice and environmentally stability:

This great video teaches us about the different types of ice and the importance of each one of them. You’ll also learn how ice protects the Earth from global warming, and why it is crucial to protect it from such extreme melting.

Why we love this video!

This video is incredibly informative and also shows us stunning pictures of the natural world on and below ice. It teaches us that ice isn’t only essential for the animals who live on it, but it is the key for the future of humanity and our planet as a whole.

Quiz gratitude:

Big thanks to WWF International for this informative and beautiful video.Thanks to Alberto Rosito on Unsplash for the quiz cover pic.Special thanks to Ilze Liliana for creating this quiz.