1. Login to get your code

					Your code snippet will show here when you login.
It will connect to your Forest Profile for live Tree Totals
and Impact Stats.

2. Display your WePlant Badge

Add one of these code snippets to the header or footer templates of your website to display on all pages. Or just add to the pages you want the badge to display on.

Bottom Left (default)
					<ins class='weplant-mh'> </ins>
Bottom Right
					<ins class='weplant-mh' data-position='right'> </ins>
Bottom Center
					<ins class='weplant-mh' data-position='center'> </ins>
					<ins class='weplant-mi'> </ins>
Thank You Badge

The Thank You badge modal will always override the standard modal if they are used on the same page.

					<ins class='weplant-mh-ty'> </ins>
Thank You Badge Specific Page

If you add this code to the whole site you can also specify a page to display it on.

					<ins class='weplant-mh-ty' data-path='/example/page/only'> </ins>
Size Parameter
All of the above also allow you to specify the size of the badge by using the data-size parameter.
					<ins class='weplant-mh' data-size='75'> </ins>