Branded Corporate Gifts


Albert Tree Kits
Albert created a challenge within the company to come up with the most creative names and pictures for the tree kits they gave their employees for Earth Day, and a few of them have absolutely outdone themselves!


Brondell tree
Brondell gifted tree kits to their customers for orders during Earth month in April 2022. See how they communicated this campaign and made an impact.


Salesforce booth 2019
Salesforce used tree kits as zero waste event giveaways. They also used online quizzes to engage new interns and plant trees. They are also using Forest eGifts as a follow up to event participants.

HAKO Machines

Hako tree post

Hako used branded tree kits as a giveaway at the IMHX Exhibition 2022 in Birmingham’s NEC. They wanted their giveaways to reflect their commitment to becoming Net Zero by 2023. Booth Design Here’s how their booth was set up with…

Seager Co

“We’d like to take action and have our company and its customers make a positive impact. We hope to help plant thousands of trees from raising awareness this Earth Day.”

Foundation Repsol

“The Tree Kits enable us to combine the process of Corporate Social Responsibility, to sustain the development of a healthier environment, and raise awareness of its importance.” ~ Javier Inclán de la Cuesta, Director, Foundation Repsol.


Totem used the tree kits as an In-Store Retail Promotion to contribute towards, and to promote, their existing tree planting efforts. The tree kits offered Totem a unique way to engage with their clients by getting them get involved in…


“We believe the ForestNation program will help to reinforce general awareness of social responsibility and the positive effect it has on each individual actively adopting these principles by growing their own tree.”



Syncrude Canada used the Tree Kits as a trade show give way to generate leads and communicate their CSR efforts. They also donated 1000 Tree Kits to the local girl guides, a great way to give back to the local…


“We are using ForestNation Tree Kits to care for our planet and communicate our green values. We are creating an Earth Day event for local school students and our community. The Tree Kits offered a unique method for us to…


“Having the tree kits at our trade event exhibits, extended our message that choosing wood products for design and construction is an excellent environmental and sustainable decision for the future. We engaged many more people in our booth as a…



“We are using ForestNation Tree Kits to serve as a reminder to be mindful of our planet.“ – Aliyea Rizai, Senior Manager of Digital Communications at Workiva