3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Spice up Your Home Office

With the pandemic and increasing numbers of hours spent working from home, working days might become more dull than usual. Thankfully, we’re sharing ways to spice up and personalize your home office through eco-conscious choices. Keep reading to find out how to make your home office your favourite room in the house!

1. It’s all about the Light

Natural light possesses countless benefits for humans and is one of the easiest ways to transform a simple working space into a haven of peace and productivity. By privileging natural light, not only will you decrease stress and boost your immune system, you will also cut on energy costs. Our tip for maximising natural light? Set up your desk or working surface as close as possible to a window!

If you do not have enough natural light for your entire workdays, you can invest in eco-friendly alternatives. LED light bulbs consume 40% less energy than classic ones and will last for much longer. If you want, you can also purchase stylish lamps, such as this Accordion Lamp created out of natural bamboo, walnut and maple wood. You can switch around its design easily, making this a fun and eco-friendly alternative to a classic office lamp!


2. Accessorize with Second-Hand Furniture

What is the greatest perk of having a home office? You can style it completely to your taste! Let your creativity take over and spend some time decorating your home office to turn it into a place you look forward to spending your next day in!

A cute rug or a comfy chair can change the entire vibe of a room and create an environment that will make you feel positive. In turn, this will boost your productivity and efficiency!  Find the best second-hand and recycled furniture from places such as Second Hand, Preloved or even Gumtree.  

3. Bring Nature Inside

It’s no secret that plants are the easiest way to bring a room to life. According to multiple studies, houseplants increase air quality, ease stress and are even thought to reduce headaches. Additionally, they will simply light up a room and brighten up your workday!


Even when it’s about nature, you can choose to be eco-conscious. Forget short-lasting, flower farms grown plants – how about you grow your own tree instead? Check out our 100% biodegradable tree kits, the perfect way to spice up your desk and be eco-friendly!

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