Ambassador Farmer


ForestNation has ambassadors to aid in their mission for the environment. One of those ambassadors is Farmer Tantoh  and here is some background information on him…

He organized the primary school, of their local church, and planted eight ornamental trees in the church yard. The children were very excited to learn about Global Cooperation Day and have pledged to plant their own trees around their homes.

Now, on another note, we’re delighted to inform you that Miranda and her husband, who are writing (a biography) of Tantoh’s life have confirmed they’re coming to Cameroon in January 2017, for a field evaluation. This will give them a better understanding of the work completed.

Currently, the greatest challenge is how to take them around to remote villages, with poor roads and worst of all it shall be dry season with lots of dust. Praying for an acquired transportation, in order to ease movement.


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