Bioplastic from Mango peels and Seaweed

Is this the answer to the plastic pollution problem?

Young Philippine scientist, Denxybel Montinola has developed a bioplastic made out of mango peels and seaweed. Montinola’s bioplastic is more robust and flexible than normal plastic and is strong enough for real-world use.

via BPI Foundation

Bioplastic, as the name suggests, is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Bioplastic decomposes easily in the soil as it is made from organic components. Plastic, on the other hand, takes years to decompose, causing a lot of harm to the environment.

Montinola’s bioplastic is not only eco-friendly, but it’s also sustainable. Mangoes and seaweed are one of the most exported products in the Philipines. So this bioplastic can be made using the mango peels and seaweed waste which are otherwise thrown off in dump yards.

We need more such plastic pollution solutions for a better world. Thanks Denxybel.

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