OneCoWork Barcelona Pledges to Plant 10,000 Trees

OneCoWork is empowering their community by giving back to the environment and more.

Our friends at coworking space OneCoWork Barcelona have pledged to plant 10,000 trees with us in Tanzania. They’ll be planting trees every month for each member of their community. A thousand trees are ready to be planted in the first round.

The OneCoWork Joyful Committee members (pictured above) are working on some beautiful social initiatives with their community – like planting trees, creating a green work environment and giving to social causes.

OneCoWork has beautiful green workplaces at Catedral, Plaça de Catalunya and Marina Port Vell in Barcelona. These are positive work environments buzzing with sociable people and high energies. As the community grows strong, they’re starting to give back with social initiatives like fundraising for charities and donations to the homeless.

Visit the OneCoWork ForestNation page to learn more about their tree planting campaign. #forestnation

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