Cameroon Youth Group rehearses the ForestNation Song



Cameroon Youth Group rehearses the ForestNation Song

A youth group in Nkambe, a rural community of the North West region of Cameroon, is going to record their own version of the ForestNation song and later perform it live at their local stadium. They already downloaded the ForestNation video and lyrics and are busy rehearsing. Farmer Tantoh is organizing the event and working with all the young volunteers to spread the word about one of his pet projects, tree planting. The leader of the youth group is David Maxwell, founder of an NGO called World of Champions. Check out their website at

Hey! This is a fun video from Aaron Ableman with good sounds and enthusiastic singing and dancing. Behind the entertaining and interesting video is a very important message for all of us.

There are alot of kids out there that find it hard at school. If they had more programs like this they would excel. Awesome way to teach, even i learn’t something from this, way to go. – Debbie McLellan

Big guys in Paris for COP21, please watch this video! So important to get the message right now. – Nicolas Tabourdeau

This is an awesome video, that explains what is going on. We need to stop this desecration, let’s keep planting more trees. – Mary Anne Spiteri

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