Trees – Our Defence Against Climate Change

Taya-Chakarisa-Tree-Planting (1)


Taya-Chakarisa-Tree-Planting (1)

Trees – Our Defence Against Climate Change

Effective climate change programs, innovations and activities depend on strong partnerships.  These may be forged with defence forces, universities, scholars, churches, traditional leaders, climate activists and other elements in civil society or the corporate community, to cite just a few examples.

As one of the reforestation agents of Zimbabwe, the Tetrad Tree Foundation works with a wide range of corporates, individuals and community groups to advance issues of common cause, including climate change, carbon emissions, deforestation and also efforts to combat land degradation.  The Foundation is proactive in making this planet a place of many trees and our partnership’s voice is stronger and our actions more effective because of these collaborations.

In an effort to keep you in sync with our community Transformation Programs, we are pleased to announce that we have now planted over half a million trees.

Remember, trees are our only defence against climate change; there is no climate change solution without trees. And certainly, our trees and lands rely on communities to protect them.

– Taya. A Man of a Million Trees – ForestNation Ambassador

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